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ROMV & Associates.

Ship Design & Construction, Inc.

ROMV Ship Design & Construction specialties are naval architecture and marine engineering, it is internationally recognized for its participation in the ship design and ship building yards and for participating in outreach events and contributions to naval engineering. ROMV Ship Design & Construction provides design and construction of ships since 2004 and it specializes in modern boat building and development of synthesis models for concepts explorations. Its scope of work is focused on fishing vessels, commercial and military vessels and pleasure luxury yachts, the group also develops research to contribute to the maritime industry.

ROMV Ship Design & Construction, COMPETENCES

Our customers can rely on our professional and fully integrated design process that ranges from consulting, research, design and even the same building, including after-sales service, technical and knowledge transfer.

ROMV Research & DevelopmentsResearch & Developments

Our reputation for innovative strategies to water craft solutions, applying knowledge and experience in composite materials, product work breakdown structure (PWBs), concept explorations and synthesis models allowing us to generate specific and effective products to the maritime market.

ROMV Design ServicesDesign Services

Our success in generating activities related to drawings, 3D models, ship specifications and other information necessary to build ships as an iterative multistage design spaces and feasibility cost-effectiveness & risk models. A customer support in all aspects and all stages of a project, from the general arrangement plan of development at conceptual, preliminary, contractual, functional, transitional and detail design stage. All under a design philosophy based on attributes desired by the customer.

ROMV Production ServicesShip Production Services

Our construction planning application oriented to higher rates of productivity and without waste of time, only implemented by the principles of production-oriented design. Considering basic principles of design simplicity, minimum number of parts to be manufactured and formed, reduced variability and standardization of parts, structure and equipment integration and avoiding of high accuracy methods for assembly.

ROMV Consulting ServicesShip Consulting Services

Our precision to meet the owner needs on board and at dockyard, providing advice on maintenance and repair plans and works, and increased performance on all ship conversions based on rational decision analysis carried out before.

ROMV After Sales ServicesAfter Sales Services

The Owners assurance that our service and advice during the lifetime of our products, ensuring consistent quality with reliable support.

ROMV & Associates