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Staff at ROMV Shipdesign & Construction.

Specialized Professionals.

ROMV-SD&C Staff gathers deep experience in the whole process of shipbuilding, with good human resources evolved in each area attending all stages of naval engineering as basic design, detailed design and product engineering, and the after sales services as comissioning & trials agenda. There are specialized professionals in each area managing others to reach the higher quality control of products & projects carried out. To enhance the reputation of ROMV Shipdesign & Construction and the good relationships with clients, the group has divided the business in areas, these are: Ship Design, Ship Production, Ship Researches, Ship Consulting & Ship After Sales. Each area has a main professional to expand the business related and to integrated it framed to the owner requirements and with the lower cost/efectiveness indexes.

Roberto O. Morante VillarealRoberto O. Morante Villareal, Ship Design & Ship Production Area

Naval Architect & Marine Engineer, Composites Yacht Designer, Yacht Builder, Ship Production Methods and Facilities Manager, ISM Code Internal Auditor, Magister in Project Management. It is the main at ROMV Shipdesign & Construction and has worked in military & merchant ship projects in Brasil, Colombia, Spain, Germany & Ecuador since 2003 up to date as shipdesign/shipproduction manager and as main shipconstructor. All business related begin here with analysis & sinthesis of requirements, cost estimates, initial performance and contracts to carry out the shipconstruction.

ROMV Research & DevelopmentsShip Researches Area

Commonly integrated by a group of Phd´s, Masters & Engineers working on concept explorations, sinthesis models, design of experiments, CFD testing, FEA Models and validations to improve products or develop new solutions to the maritime industry. All business related begin here identifying engineered problems and later on with the best practices-oriented implementation.

ROMV Consulting ServicesShip Consulting Area

An open group of engineers & owners discussing about ship maintenance, ship repairing on the sail and ship conversions as solutions to aproach at maximum the operation time. The sub areas are drydocking works, hull & superstructure works, pipe works, mechanical works, electrical works & general works. All business related begin here with planning charts, labour cost and evaluated as man-hours, contracts and execution with technical assistance to fulfill the minimal conditions to assure the whole life cycle or between drydocks of ships.

ROMV After Sales ServicesShip After Sales Area

Every project carried out by ROMV Shipdesign & Construction has guarantee accordingly the signed contract with clients, and commonly depends on who/whose worked in the required services or who/whose will operate the products at the end, with or without trainning schedules by ROMV Shipdesign & Construction. But the after sales services always are present commonly attended by the professionals members of ROMV Shipdesign & Construction evolved in the projects or by suppliers assuring the life cycle of ROMV Shipdesign & Construction services & products given to their clients.

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